“We mastered the art of persuasion

so banks can look at your business favorably”

Bench Capital Advisors were former bankers who have been on the other side of the negotiating table.

We help businesses grow through bank and alternative financing by strategically positioning our client’s financing proposal to lenders and investors. We help;

-Source banks and capital providers, often your business needs more than one.

-Negotiate terms and fees on your behalf – we understand your “negotiables”.

-Determine the types of your financing requirements, both short term and long term, such as; working capital, trade financing, capital financing, real estate purchase, construction financing, asset-based lending, mezzannine loans, bridge financing and private equity, among others.

-Review your financial statements and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

-Address your risk factors and minimize them, then present your business in a favourable light.

-Create financial projections when necessary. Banks need to know where your business is going.

-Finally, create and submit your financing proposal to the most suitable bank and capital provider. WHY? Because NOT every bank or capital provider has the same lending or investment criteria. 

Most importantly, our understanding of these crucial elements complemented by an expansive network are key to getting the money you need to grow or transition your business.

Please call Alma Johns for a FREE consultation at (416) 238-2204 or email us atinquiry@benchcapital.ca