Our Process


Bench Capital follow a proven process to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate analysis of your company. Using a systematic, detail-oriented and iterative assessment approach we are able to significantly increase the probability of funding or sale. When clients cooperate in providing the necessary information to assess the deal, the process can be much shorter.

This process includes:


We evaluate your business, industry, company operations, strengths and weaknesses, funding needs, and credit risk profile.

If we feel you are qualified according to the bank’s or funders’ criteria, we make specific recommendations to prepare your business for financing.

Proposal and Engagement

Bench Capital provides you with a formal proposal or engagement letter outlining our services, scope of engagement and applicable fees.

Preparation of Proposal for Financial Institutions and Alternative Funders

We create your Executive Summary outlining your business, along with a description of your market and competitive landscape, the management team and a Financial Summary of your company’s historical financial statements and projections. Our compilation of your Financing Proposal highlights the specific sources and uses of financing, the terms and conditions of financing and the documentation and security requirements, otherwise known as your Credit Structure.

Introduction to Financial Institutions and Alternative Funding Sources

Leveraging our broad network, we tap into the financial resources available in the marketplace. With your best interests at hand, Bench Capital sources and secures the most suitable financing solution.

Structuring the Deal

Our experience helps us understand intuitively a client’s “negotiables” based on the company’s risk profile. Bench Capital deals are always structured in such a way that the needs and requirements of both your business and the funding source are satisfied.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Financial negotiation is an art and a science. Bench Capital acts as your skillful negotiator to optimally structure your deal and ensure its successful close.

Term Sheet

Once financing providers agree to the terms, conditions and Credit Structure, they advise Bench Capital, typically within four to eight weeks. It is important to note that most Term Sheets are protected by waivers or disclaimers stating that the documents are not legally binding.

Signing and Acceptance

Bench Capital makes the process as seamless and efficient as possible by acting as your liaison who helps you understand the procedures and provides assistance with finalization details.