Affiliate Program

Bench Capital’s Affiliate Program is specifically designed for professionals and trusted advisors who seek a mutually beneficial collaboration to leverage their existing client base.

Additional Revenue Stream to Grow Your Business

Increase the scope of your business and provide your clients with a broad selection of financing options through the Bench Capital Affiliate Program. Our creative platform not only improves the efficiency of our operation but also helps you establish an additional revenue stream to meaningfully expand your business.

Attractive Referral Fees

We developed the Bench Capital Affiliate Program because we believe strongly that as financial and business consultants, our clients’ ability to access a variety of potential solutions to grow their businesses and improve their profitability is paramount to our success.

One of the most generous in the industry, our affiliate compensation structure is provided for all referrals – and sometimes all it takes is an introduction.

Contact us today. Bench Capital is open to discuss the most suitable affiliate solutions to benefit you and your clients.

For Private Equity Companies

We network with accountants, lawyers, bankers and other financial advisors to find the ideal firm for investment. We have access to a large database of companies, and are able to filter potential investees effectively until we find the most suitable company to complement your investment portfolio.