Bench Capital Advisory Inc. is a financial advisory firm dedicated to helping Small and Medium-Sized business owners secure financing during the various cycles of their business.

We help businesses who are seeking traditional bank loans, capital project financing, mezzanine lending and private equity to achieve their strategic and growth objectives either through organic expansion or acquisitions. Whether a business is expanding within Canada or exploring new geographic markets or industry verticals, we can help.

What We Do

Financial Analysis and Credit Application

  • Sourcing and facilitating negotiations with multiple sources of funding within our network
  • Determination of Credit and Financing Requirements
  • Review of Financial Projections and Business Plan
  • Drafting of Credit Application and Financing Proposal
  • Comprehensive financial statements analysis including calculation of financial ratios, identification of risk factors and credit risk mitigation

 Negotiation with Banks

  • Negotiation of terms and conditions including Fees, Interest Rates, Terms, Amortization Period, Financial and Non-Financial Covenants, Reporting Requirements, Personal and Corporate Guarantees, Postponement of Shareholder’s Loans, Security and Documentation, Priority Agreements and other Banking Requirements
  • Assistance in dealing with banks during challenging situations, including drafting letters requesting to restructure credit, response to threats by bank and other lenders to exercise remedies, special loans or de-market situations.

Assistance with Alternative Financing

  • Assistance in seeking alternative lenders, such as asset-based lenders, factoring companies, leasing companies, equity partners, purchase order financing, royalty financing, capital financing, alternative commercial mortgage lenders, private lenders, etc.

Complimentary Services

  • Introduction to Accountants, Cross-Border and Transfer Pricing Advisors, Lawyers, Business and Management Consultants, Grant Writing Companies, Financial and Organizational Restructuring Consultants, M&A Advisors and other relevant professionals.

Who We Work With

We serve small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a wide range of industry sectors. Most of our clients have revenues anywhere between $1 and $50 million annually and are in need of some form of funding ranging between $500 thousand and $20 million or more. On a very selective basis, we assist in funding large capital projects with $100 million + capital requirements.

In general, we cater to the following business needs:

  • Businesses in need of working capital or trade financing
  • Businesses looking to finance equipment purchase or leasehold improvements
  • Companies interested in constructing, buying or refinancing an owner-occupied property
  • Business owners transitioning to the next generation
  • Management interested in buying shares in their company
  • New owners interested in paying down VTB loans from previous owners
  • Business owners interested in taking out equity
  • Companies that are highly leveraged but that have exceptional cash flow and have high growth potential.

Why Bench Capital Advisory?

  • Experience. Previous experience in the commercial banking industry gives Bench Capital great insight into the funding fulfillment process, thereby increasing approval rates.
  • Confidence. We have been through this drill numerous times. We work on your behalf to negotiate and secure the best deal for your business.
  • Network. We work with traditional financial institutions, alternative lenders and private equity companies in Canada, US and globally.
  • Strategy. Using our proven approach, Bench Capital strategically presents your financing proposal to funders within our network.
  • Evaluation. Detailed analysis enables the accurate identification of optimal deal structures and funding solutions. Should certain elements pose a risk to your application, Bench Capital identifies and mitigates them, enhancing your financial provider’s comfort level.
  • Independence. Bench Capital is an independent advisory service. Regardless of institution or alternative lending source, we always negotiate the optimal deal.
  • Advice. Bench Capital acts as an advisor to identify issues that may hinder business growth, negatively impact finances, and drive down enterprise value.
  • Success. Our fee is a combination of both retainer and contingency fee, however, we are flexible in order to best serve the needs of our customers.  Traditional lenders do not pay commissions and financial institutions do not offer incentives in exchange for deals.

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